Alice was Curious. Aren’t You?

Curiosity prompted Alice to try mysterious potions in Wonderland. But under what circumstances would you drink from an elixir marked “drink me”?

a. If my doctor told me to.

b. If it promises to get rid of unflattering cellulite.

c. If the label is written in pretty cursive frosting.

d. If it will turn me into Super Literary Agent who publishes whatever book I read.

e. None of the above, but . . .  (Aha! You must answer with a comment!)

If you answered a) you either have a very trustworthy doctor, or you are from the silent generation. If you answered b) you may need to seek help for being delusional, but promise you’ll let me know if I am wrong. If you answered c) you and I may be related. And if you answered d) give me a call.


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