If I’d Met My Husband In High School . . .

Sometimes I wonder what I would have done if I’d met my husband in high school. What a funny/frightening notion. From what I can gather—which is mostly snippets of him when he did foolish things (like lower an emu into the courtyard for a senior prank) or who he dated (needy girls–blah)—he was oh so slightly on the nerdy, awkward side. Therefore, I probably wouldn’t have been all that interested in dating. Sorry, my radar was programmed for, well, not nerdy. I’m sure he was just as amusing as he is today, but a little reticent in his teenage years, so I would have missed his funny side which is one of his most attractive features. I bet we would have been operating in separate, parallel worlds, only to briefly meet at National Honor Society meetings or show up at the same math class. But maybe, just maybe, I would have glimpsed that mischievous smile while passing in the hallway—the one that our middle daughter inherited, or he might have given me a humorously hard time about getting my nose pierced (yes, I did that), and he would have made me stop to think—what if? 

You know, before I headed to the bathroom to check my nose ring.

What about you, readers?



5 thoughts on “If I’d Met My Husband In High School . . .

  1. Can’t imagine an Emily without a Nova; or a Nova without an Emily. Martin Family without a Hannah, a Sarah or a Carolyn?? Not an option. 😘


  2. I came full circle, in a way. I met and married my wife many years out of high school, but in temperament and character she’s more like my high school girlfriend than anyone else I ever met–only high school girlfriend 2.0. I’d have loved her instantly, I suspect.


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