Super Bowl, Habits, and Cheese Dip

Why Do I Watch the Super Bowl?


None of my favorites advanced to a playoff,

No time to squander or wait for a kick off.

I love a good game,

But each year feels the same,

And the TV just mocked: You won’t click off.


I genuinely seek new experiences, but some yearly traditions can label me a creature of habit, i.e. the Super Bowl. Admittedly, it’s a program which I have zero reason to watch other than pure entertainment. But this single evening event holds the attention of 111 million Americans each year; it gives us some brief connection, some subject to discuss both before and after with colleagues, strangers, etc. It gives me something to ask my patients whether they will or did watch it from their hospital beds. It gave the elementary school a spirit day so the kids could wear the colors from “their” team (Carolyn chose Eagles because she likes birds and Sarah chose the Patriots because she thinks it’s the cool thing to do). And since I’m not working on this icy, rainy Sunday in Northern Virginia, I will make some warm comfort food and join in the tradition.

Someday if the Redskins (or Lions) ever make it, I might be more enthusiastic. Until then, I’m more excited about my cheese dip, but that’s not unusual, cheese dip rocks!

Game On!


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