All Trails Lead

To Dad, cross-country camp is Trent’s “last chance to show self-control.” To seventeen-year-old Trent, it’s a chance to escape the rubber band tension at home. And to make up for what’s turning out to be a crappy year, he plans to have an ideal camp experience. He’ll win races with the fastest team, host legendary after-hours pranks against the pitiful losers, and, most importantly, he’ll snag his dream-girl, Princess. After two years of crushing on the gorgeous speed-demon, the ache must end.

Trent’s plans didn’t include the new hard-ass coach, fast new competitors, an underclass rebellion, and a mysteriously-changed Princess, who may or may not be hiding something—it’s too freaking hard to tell. Sweat-provoking, unexpected, and often humorous challenges test Trent for nine days straight, and may even change his attitude toward (gulp) his future. But in the end, Trent finds himself in a dangerous race that could end his entire running career. This time he’s running for more than just points, he’s running to fix a mistake. And the consequences for losing are too terrible to imagine.

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All Trails Lead is my debut novel; I am currently seeking publication.