All Trails Lead


Seventeen-year-old Trent believes two things: Cross-country camp is the pinnacle of all annual experiences, and this year it couldn’t be better timed. Determined to escape tension back home along with Dad’s ominous threat of military school, Trent dashes off to camp with expectations for easy wins and legendary pranks. But this year, having the biggest ego and fastest legs won’t be enough for a victory—or keep him out of trouble.

Nine days of sweat-provoking, puke-splattering, bruise-inflicting, mosquito-biting, glitter-removing challenges will test Trent on and off the running trails as he discovers what it takes to become a real leader and a true friend. But when a cherished prank ritual gets ugly and disturbingly personal, Trent finds his entire running career is at stake, not to mention his love life. He’s gotta figure out how to make things right before he ends up losing what he values most—true friendships, hope for the future, and the sport that can bring it all together.

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All Trails Lead is my debut novel; I am currently seeking publication.