All Trails Lead

Seventeen-year-old Trent needs to escape. The rubber band tension between him and his dad is so tight it’s gonna snap, and Trent is one screw-up away from military school. The Virginia Piedmont Cross-Country Camp will be the perfect getaway; except it better be unbelievably fan-fucking-tastic because, let’s face it, everything back home sucks. But this year, having the biggest ego and fastest legs won’t be enough for a victory—or keep him out of trouble.

Nine days of sweat-provoking, puke-splattering, bruise-inflicting, mosquito-biting, glitter-removing challenges will test Trent on and off the running trails as he discovers what it takes to become a real leader and a true friend. But when a dangerous rival has evidence that could get him kicked out and ruin his love life, Trent must decide if he’ll risk his entire running career to fix his own stupid mistake. Trent never imagined that a single race could decide his destiny, but this time it just might. And racing the obstacle course in the middle of the night in your bacon boxers is anything but fun or easy.

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All Trails Lead is my debut novel; I am currently seeking publication.