It’s the (damn) Journey!

Did you ever get the advice that it’s “the journey not the destination” that matters? Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, it’s what you’ve improved or created or learned or mastered along the way? I wonder who coined that phrase?

It wasn’t a runner. (or a writer, but that’s another story)

Me? I like results.So, right now as my torn calf muscle has me grounded from running for two weeks (and counting) right before my already-paid-for half marathon, I am struggling with The Journey. I’m pretty sure there is a life lesson and God-leaning mantra I am supposed to be chanting. Somewhere deep down I’m supposed to be enjoying the rest and waiting patiently for God’s muscle-rebuilding miracles to happen on their microscopic level which is actually very amazing if you stop to think about it. But my Journey has taken me from the race with a huge, happy finish line with thousands of like-minded people to a lonely computer desk with my leg propped on a heating pad.

Kids? Grab Mommy a drink, will ya?

Here’s to The Journey.