The Mascot

This was my entry for a flash fiction (300 word) writing contest (I got second place!). The theme was romance. Perhaps a little tame compared to most love stories, I chose to stick with a funny young adult voice. Choose the link below. And enjoy!

The Mascot


Twenty Things

I believe in dreams.

I believe in Santa Claus.

I believe in vampires and zombies.

I believe in second chances, and third, and fourth . . .

I believe in love at first sight.

I believe God is in control.

I believe in fairies.

I believe we have to fail a few times in life.

I believe in heaven. And hell.

I believe things always work out for the best, even if we don’t see it.

I believe we were created to follow our heart, our purpose.

I believe in Oz.

I believe diets were created by evil spirits.

I believe in balance.

I believe in a good night’s sleep.

I believe Friends was the best show of all time.

I believe chocolate does help my mood.

I believe there’s gold at the end of a rainbow.

I believe someone else in this world is writing 20 things they believe in at this very moment.

I believe there’s always enough to share.

What about you readers?