Bucket List

When you hear the phrase “bucket list” what do you think?

1) Can’t wait to cross of the next thing! I’m on a roll!

2) Someday I’ll come up with something…

3) That’s for crazies.

4) OhMyGoshIDon’tHaveOneAndI’mMissingOutOnSomethingI’mSure!

5) A combination of numbers 2-4, especially depending on current mood or time of the month

Can you guess mine? Yup, number 5.

A few weeks ago a fellow blogger (Mitch Teemley) posted a question: What’s on yours [bucket list]? I looked at the picture of a bucket, I thought briefly about commenting with a clever, impressive ambition, ultimately hit “like,” and proceeded to not like my own feelings about it for a few weeks. Why? Because I don’t have a bucket list. To me, a bucket list is more than realistic goals (which I have plenty), a bucket list implies those wild and awe-inspiring, selfie-taking, blog-posting highlights of life often stemming from hidden fears or amazing dreams that for people like me who are very type A and not super spontaneous might miss out on if we don’t put in on a list.

Now that I’ve recovered from the guilt of not having a bucket list, I suppose the only thing left to do is to create one. Luckily, I have a little help—a document titled “100 Things To Do Before You Die” that I saved in five years ago with the notion of USING it to create my bucket list. Some of the ideas I just don’t care to do—skydiving? Not interested. Brew your own beer? eh, I’ll leave that up to the pros, some of them are really good. Grow a beard? Yeah, no. But, looking at the ones I am interested in, but would take a certain level of guts and planning, I forced myself to pick five to start my list.

1) Ride the tallest roller coaster in the world–Kingda Ka, Six Flags, New Jersey (gulp)

2) Go scuba diving

3) Take a ride in a hot-air balloon

4) Own one expensive but absolutely wonderful outfit (I’m guessing I’ll have to go beyond my usual Target or Kohl’s to find one)

5) Spend a whole day eating junk food without feeling guilty (an exploit the kids would love to join me on)

So, readers, here comes the question, whether you “like” it or wish to post an angry face: What’s on Your Bucket List?

Tethered for Life

It’s interesting to think about what we are tethered to in life—some are choices, like spouses, religion, and careers, and others are not, like the oops baby (yes, been there; greatest thing that ever happened to me), but nothing is quite as significantly bound as your body. If you think about it, it’s the highest attachment in your life. Everything else you can change quickly or give up or quit or buy or sell or wed or divorce or register or apply or consume or start or finish. But your body is what you are tethered to for life, for better or for worse, until death do you part.

How many things about your body have you tried to change? Weight, perhaps? Hair color? Bulk up? Lower cholesterol? I’ve had a few attempts—weight, muscle mass, flexibility, skin perfection; I’ve even tried to teach myself how to be a belly-breather which didn’t come naturally at all. But, ultimately, my body is still about the same, just tweaked very slightly. I can’t force myself to run a 4 minute mile (I’d be happy with a 6). I can’t fly (man, that would save a lot of time). My back is done by the end of a 13-hour shift (helping people who are tethered to severe limitations). And I’ll burn if I don’t put on sunscreen (a trait my oldest child is not so happy about inheriting). I can’t detach from my body and its limitations, but I am happy with my abilities and don’t take them for granted. All I have to do is see person who is wheelchair-bound, and I am moved to say a prayer of thanks.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep doing some maintenance on this body of mine since it’s the only one I’ll ever get. And I want to be tethered to something strong. Despite its affinity for sugar, I can feed it vegetables sometimes. I’ll put it to sleep at a reasonable hour. I can get it to run three or four times a week. And someday I wouldn’t mind if I can run it for one mile in six minutes. Ahhh.